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Preparing and reviewing material for board reports can be extremely time consuming and intensive - for admin teams, senior leaders and board members.
Now it's a whole lot easier.
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What is Board Connect?

Board Connect is a Microsoft Teams app that brings the documentation and meeting details related to board meetings into one central location, where it’s easier to collaborate.

In most businesses, preparing, reviewing and collaborating on board-related documentation is extremely time-consuming and ineffective. It's also done mostly via email or ad-hoc conversations. As well as wasting time, this process exposes businesses to unnecessary security risks.

Built on Microsoft Teams, Board Connect works seamlessly with the Office 365 suite, which makes it very easy and simple for users to come up to speed – regardless of their level of technical expertise. It works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Teams investment to help your people.

Do things the smart way, with Board Connect for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365

Why do our customers use Board Connect?

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  • Central, secure location
  • All board-related materials in one secure location
  • Board members can easily search current or previous content
  • Cuts the time associated with finding and reviewing huge volumes of content
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  • Real-time collaboration
  • Ask questions and add annotations in real-time
  • Make updates to key documentation, with automated version control
  • Easily seek input from more experienced board members
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  • Heightened efficiency
  • Meetings are more productive, as time-consuming details are resolved beforehand
  • Board members can participate remotely, without meeting face-to-face
  • Members can sign electronically with DocuSign and Adobe Sign

Find out more by downloading our eBook:
“Digital Evolution in the Boardroom”

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Find out more by downloading our eBook:
“Digital Evolution in the Boardroom”

Get eBook

Board Connect streamlines the workload for modern boards

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  • Familiar, easy to use interface
  • Built on Microsoft Teams, which 91% of Fortune 100 companies are already using
  • Simple, logical interface
  • Only very minimal training required
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  • Enhances decision-making
  • Puts relevant, accurate material at every board member’s fingertips, when and where they need it
  • Improved access to information and effective collaboration enabled by Microsoft Teams can lead to a 17.7% improvement in time-to-decision*
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  • Huge time savings
  • Less collaboration over email
  • No more version control issues or lost documentation
  • Clarify minor issues prior to board meetings, so precious face-to-face time can be spent resolving bigger concerns
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“The modern board is under enormous pressure, and producing board reports requires extensive collaboration and teamwork. A customised business application like Board Connect, built on Microsoft Teams, can deliver enormous value by streamlining this workload.”

– Rachel Bondi,
Commercial Partner Director, Microsoft Australia

“Currently, most of our board-related collaboration is done over email or phone, which can be very time consuming. Reviewing documentation prior to a board meeting is very time intensive, and finer details are often discussed in the meeting itself—rather than beforehand. To be able to have a central repository of all the board papers would be incredible.”

– Sharanya Srikanth,
Board Member of the Women's Housing Company

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